99 Problems but a Flake Ain't One

44cm x 64cm

Curator's Eye

Mark Petty creates whimsical and alluring screen-prints, where a seemingly infinite sense of spatial depth draws the viewer in from first glance. The application of diamond dust imbues these works with a cosmic celestiality that is brimming with harmony and spirituality.

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Reverse Hand Pulled Screen Print onto Glass with 23ct Gold Gild with Impasto Backdrop.

Very limited edition of 35 (however the background of each differs slightly from the next as they’re rendered freehand)

Each comes framed with a plaque, signed with a certificate of authenticity on the back.

64 x 44 cm

Medium: Hand pulled screen print, glass, 23ct gold gild and impasto backdrop

No. of Editions available: 35

Country of Origin: United Kingdom