Jack Anthony Taylor

J ack Anthony Taylor (b. 1995) is a practicing multi-disciplinary artist combining sculpture, mask making, photography and painting. He grew up in Letchworth Garden City, England, where he now continues his artist practice. Taylor studied a BA in fine art at University of the Arts London: Chelsea College of Art from 2014-2017. Taylor has since taken part in several residencies, a solo exhibition at East cheap studios and several group exhibitions.

“I make work that is performative, often influenced by myths and folk tale; I make props, masks and other objects, mostly from card and paper. I can be tactile with these objects and make work at pace, helping coalesce ideas and create documentation through making photos. I then embellish these images with paint or things that make marks. I now paint onto the images I print and fill the empty space and embellish the images I shoot: images of strange characters that have been inspired by an interest in mythologising my experiences, even in some of my work referencing myths often from Norse, Greek, Mesopotamian and local folk law. I make my work to understand and explore my surroundings and myself”.

Selected exhibitions include: ‘IN THE HEAVENS, ON THE LAND, UNDERNEATH IT, BEHIND MY EYES’, Solo exhibition (2021); Under the train, Group exhibition With Maia Regis, Cao Daxu and Jinshen Xu (2015); Fuze, Group exhibition (2017); Private View, Group exhibition (2020); Correspondence 01, Group exhibition (2021).

/* I make my work to understand and explore my surroundings and myself */