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Akshita Lad

Akshita Lad is a Mumbai-born, Dubai based artist. Akshita is an artist whose work displays both technical accuracy and emotional sensitivity. Her technique reflects the traditional methods of painting but with modern appeal and relevance. She has a natural affinity for colours and textures and is led intuitively to create works that highlight that range.

She has studied various different techniques of painting but her love for the Renaissance and Impressionist Masters shows up in her work style. Her vast range of works include portraits, landscapes, and abstract expressionist paintings. Her works originate either from the reality around or by her innermost thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Her aim is to delight the audience by drawing them in through her signature style of interweaving colours and textures. Her works invite the audience to connect with her emotional state in relation to the paintings she has created. No matter the subject, Akshita’s works display depth, elegance, and beauty.

Akshita’s art originates either from an emotional, autobiographical point of view or then a point of view based on the reality around her. She is led to intuitively paint with emotional freedom when she is creating her abstract expressionist works. When painting the reality around her, whether inspired by nature or people, she tends to follow the more traditional techniques of painting.

Akshita paints with a lot of sensitivity and emotion and everything from the colours, textures, and brushwork come together in harmony to allow the viewer to feel the emotions she has had in making that creation. Her aim is to sustain the emotional bond between her works and the audience that is almost universal in its shared understanding of her works. Akshita’s painting style is influenced by her love of the Renaissance and Impressionist Masters like Rembrandt and Monet. Whatever the subject matter, Akshita wants to create works that are timeless, elegant, and beautiful.

Selected exhibitions include: StART art Fair – Saatchi Art Gallery, London 2021; La Galleria Winter Series, London – 2021; Royal Art Gallery Arts Prize – Finalist 2021; Art Dubai, World Art Dubai – 2021.

/* Akshita is led to intuitively paint with emotional freedom when she is creating her abstract expressionist works */