And if you complain once more, there’ll be an army of me

50cm x 70cm x 4cm

Curator's Eye

Upon first glance, you could be mistaken for thinking that Jan Bennett’s paintings are to be placed within the canon of Renaissance or Pre-Raphaelite art. Yet upon further observation, Bennett invites the viewer into an uncanny world of whimsical narratives and surrealist landscapes. However, this is in no way overt or overpowering, with only the slightest nod to the extraordinary through the placement of lone animals and novel compositions. With rich and saturated colour palettes and hyperreal brushwork, Bennett’s work makes for a strong addition to any collection.

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This painting was inspired by the raised fist gesture of the male figure, seen in a painting by an unknown artist, at the National Gallery, London. The women might be celebrating or crowing from their hazardous positions; at least one of them is potential prey.  (Title reference is the Bjork song)


Country of Origin: Wales, United Kingdom