And so the birds flew into the sun

115cm x 210cm
Mixed Media

Curator's Eye

Dramatic and visually intense, a kaleidoscope of colour, medium and rich narrative collide in Jack Anthony Taylor’s multidisciplinary practice. A strong influence of mythology, folklore and the occult seeps into the performative narratives of these works as Taylor combines fantasy and reality by mythologising his own lived experience. Awash with enflamed oranges and burnt browns, the works Taylor presents here combine painting, photography and collage in a layered, almost sculpturally three-dimensional manner.

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‘As so the birds flew into the sun’ and ‘Yggdrasil did burn and will burn as it did once’ was, like my most recent work made during lockdown, inspired by boredom I suppose. I was bored with the work I was making, and lockdown presented an opportunity to reflect and spend real time with my art. As the lock down dragged on more, the more I began to tap into a playfulness in the way I was making. I made masks and objects and dragged a friend out to the woods at night to drink and play with these masks and photograph the occasions. The place we were in became a part of these images and what I’d later go onto draw or paint onto the image.

‘As so birds flew into the sun’ wasn’t particularly inspired directly by one thing alone. The mask was influenced by an old roman helmet I saw, and I liked the object and the birds were just these things I made, I hadn’t figured out what I do with them until dancing with them and hanging them and photographing my pal wearing this mask. So really the work formed out of itself.

Country of Origin: UK

Framed: $2250

Unframed: $ 2000

Medium: Oil, Pigment, Pastel, Varnish on Photographic Print on Canvas