25cm x 20cm x 4cm

Curator's Eye

Sublime, celestial and utterly awe-inspiring, Elena Unger’s masterful paintings are imbued with a tangible sense of dramatic theatricality. Drawing from the epic vistas of Romanticism, whirling, tumultuous skies collide with infinite, cavernous valleys. Apocalyptic eruptions of deep blue and burning orange give way to heavenly pastels, as every detailed brushstroke contributes to the biblical spectacles at hand.

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This is a miniature version of Baptism (included above). I occasionally produce miniature versions of my large paintings as smaller, more portable objects that can be held and contemplated on a personal level. For this reason, I tried to keep the same level of detail from the large version to the small. Painting them at this scale also allows me, as the painter, to dissect the subject further through non-identical repetition.

Medium: Oil on wood panel

Country of Origin: United Kingdom