Bengal Tiger

157cm x 193cm x 5cm

Curator's Eye

Seunggu Kim draws the viewer into the visceral realities of contemporary urban living in South Korea. Constrained both by space and time, working Koreans rarely have time to travel far for a holiday; the result – vast public swimming pools crammed with holidaymakers nestled within the built environment - ingenious photos of which form the basis of Kim’s series Better Days. Exploring the struggles, optimism and sheer density of Korea’s population, Kim offers a refreshingly authentic snapshot of the realities of everyday life for modern-day Koreans. His work has been widely featured in photography prizes and books as well as gallery shows both in Korea, China and the USA, including Fotografiska and Aperture Gallery (New York), Filter Space (Chicago) and the prestigious Three Shadows Photography Art Centre (Beijing).

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A winter festival in South Korea where water is sprayed to freeze the trees, and this stuffed museum tiger stands as the main attraction – a mise-en-scène for tourists to enjoy, based on an old local story.

Style: Straight Photography with large format film camera

No. of Editions available: 2/5

Country of Origin: Republic of Korea

Framed: $ 8,300    
Unframed: $ 7,100