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Bleue Roy

Born in 1963, Bleue Roy is the daughter of the strong winds and powerful Atlantic tides of Brittany and the wild, mountain landscapes of Sardinia.

She decides to focus on painting in Geneva where she learns engraving. Insatiable explorer, she travels the world, opens studios everywhere she settles; and since the 80’s exhibited in solo or group exhibitions, in France, England, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Canada, U.S.A.

Bleue Roy works in Provence, in the bewitching city of Marseilles. Paint and brushes, scissors and glue, camera and digital tools, everything opens ways to venture out, to get lost and explore new possibilities. Bleue Roy means action. When she doesn’t paint, she travels, writes poetry and fiction.

What’s her style? She calls it: Jubilant abstraction. She’s always curious and stays hungry. She is a bold but skilled artist. She offers disruption from the hype and from the banal. She enjoys disquieting the spectator before seducing him. All her colourful artworks radiate with insolent positive energy. They also reveal an acute sense of acrobatic balance.

Bleue Roy never lingers. A few accomplished works are enough to render the gist of an experience. Time to move on. In her own words: "I paint what I don't know. I need to surprise myself."

Her works can be found in private collections in Paris, Marseilles, Nice, Geneva, London, Milan, Florence, Madrid, Barcelona, Casablanca, Tangier, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Detroit, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Caracas.

/* I paint what I don't know. To surprise myself */

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