Blue Moon


80cm x 80cm x 10cm
Blue Neon with Black Out Paint, Black Diamond Dust, Powder, Gel, Acrylic, Mixed Media on Black Powder Coated Aluminum Box Tray

Curator's Eye

Alluring and atmospheric, you cannot help but immediately be drawn into Lauren Baker’s magical works. Celestial in their sheer expansiveness, Baker invites the viewer to explore and connect with an alternate universe, one filled with effervescent, shimmering diamond dust and ribbons of luminous neon. It is easy to see why Baker’s works have become a mainstay in many prominent collections.

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Inspired by the phenomenon of a blue moon, this artwork interprets the rarity and arcane symbolism of this magical event. As unique as chance meetings and falling in love, the charged energy of the blue moon is a powerful force of nature that allows for a unique type of magic to occur.