Blue Mountain 2146

107cm x 160cm x 3cm

Curator's Eye

There is a profound sense of atmosphere in Lim Chaewwok’s work. As the viewer enters a new world within the Blue Mountain series, they are enveloped by an acute sense of the photographs’ surroundings; the coolness of the mountain rock, the crispness of the air, the emerging splendour of the sun. A pure and refined palette of deep, rich blues and blushing pinks offers a sublime moment of clarity and introspection. This Korean artist makes works that respond to specific pieces of landscape, answering them back in a way that magnifies those landscapes. A must for fans of nature and the sublime.

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This is the Blue Mountain seen from Deokyusan Mountain on a cold winter morning.

It is like an abstract landscape painting made by overlapping mountains with mountains of indigo.

The mountain looks more dynamic because of the texture of Hanji (Traditional Korean paper).

Country of Origin: South Korea