Border On

73cm x 91cm

Curator's Eye

Jaehong Ahn’s paintings take us into private worlds that are at once imbued with realism and subtle humour. As scenes of constant contradictions, life-like, hyperreal figures and forms inhabit mysterious and surreal landscapes. Themes of confrontation and divergence are furthered by the continued juxtaposition between the intentional and the accidental, and light and shadow. By uniting these seeming imbalances the artist produces paintings that have are distinctive and striking and a strong addition to any collection.

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An attempt to envisage a silent confrontation, if not a harmonious truce, between imminence and stillness, will to explore and to border and confine, chromatic and achromatic, untamed and refined and so on.

Medium: Oil on canvas

Country of Origin: Germany

Jill by Jaehong Ahn
2019. Oil and Acrylic on Canvas
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Jaehong Ahn


The River by Jaehong Ahn
2018. Oil on canvas, triptych format.

Jaehong Ahn

The River

Id. by Byunghee Sung. 2019. Acrylic on Canvas Contemporary art.
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Byunghee Sung