Butterfly's Dream II

97cm x 162cm x 5cm

Curator's Eye

Song Kwangyeon seamlessly blends traditional Korean techniques with contemporary aesthetics in her beautiful works on canvas. Often portrayed in two layers, Kwangyeon begins with a background – some featuring Korean women in traditional dress, others pop-style images of artists such as Andy Worhol – and then builds on top with her signature motif of butterflies and peonies. Delicate and reserved, yet refreshingly modern, these works are perfect for anyone looking start a collection of contemporary Asian art.

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The background image of this work is known as the prominent korean traditional artwork ‘the portrait of beauty painted by Shin Yunbok. She combined this image with her signature technique symbol (painted peonies and butterflies) to maximize harmony of tradition and modernism, putting on her message. Butterflies representing modern people fill their lives with embroidery (acrylic paint), which means sincerity and effort.

Style: contemporary art.

Country of Origin: South Korea.