Ceramics Alchemy

107cm x 243cm
Ceramics, Audio, Aquarium Sand

Curator's Eye

Ekta Bagri creates experimental installations and sculptures that fuse ceramics and sound. Through the exploring the relationship between these mediums, Bagri unearths a physical tactility to sonic frequencies and rhythms, further emphasized by the materiality of the ceramics these frequencies envelop. Bagri has also experimented with the sculptural qualities of sand and 3D printing, to further investigate how material and process changes within a given setting – ultimately creating experiential installations that engage all the senses.

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A ceramic and audio installation exploring the diversity of ceramic as a medium. The ceramic sculptures of everyday objects are glazed and played in a way to provide the audience a different way of looking at art. The audio supports this visual and engulfs the audience in a soundscape.

Style: Ceramic and audio installation.

Country of Origin: United Kingdom.



Hum-Zulf by Ammara Jabbar_2019_Coin-operated mechanism, wooden bed, silk sheet, fake grapes, LED light strips, found objects

Ammara Jabbar


BloW by Ammara Jabbar_2019_Wooden structure, print on wood, bonnet, dryer, LED-light strip, found objects, mirror podium, silk, pipes, paint, ceramic bird whistles, bells
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Ammara Jabbar