Composition μXI Sculpture

20cm x 21cm x 20cm

Curator's Eye

Combining modern technology with ancient design practices, Aphra Shemza’s work blurs the lines of dimensionality. Sculptural works adopt mirrored interiors and internal lights, creating geometric patterns that tesselate and retreat into the seemingly infinite back-grounds – a nod towards arabesque design and her Islamic cultural heritage. In contrast to this visual complexity, Shemza’s works on paper explore the mathematic precision and aesthetic simplicity of modernism and minimalism.

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The Composition Series is based on Kepler’s Platonic Universe, the Mysterium Cosmographicum (1596), a Platonic solid model of the solar-centred system. The series explores the universe and the mathematical patterns we find within it - from the micro to the macro. The infinite illusions and geometry invite us to contemplate our connected and infinite world and our place within it.

The piece comes with a power supply and remote control to control the colour of the lights inside. Perfect to add sparkle in any home or as a gift for someone special.

Medium: Lights, LED, Plastic.

Country of Origin: United Kingdom.