Cycles of Time

137cm x 153cm x 110cm
Wood, Iron

Curator's Eye

Exploring the complex relationships and divisions between humans, animals and nature, Dong Hun creates large-scale sculptural installations that draw on the power of the natural world and its role in the development of society, culture and history. Hun is known primarily for his giant iron trees that protrude from the ground, adorned with delicate ceramic bells for leaves; the perfect addition to any garden or sculpture park.

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Earlier this month at Museum of Goa in 2017, Sung Dong Hun began developing a new body of curiosities - the raised hoof of a reclaimed toy horse morphs into a barren tree branch, an open music box displays a horse and its rider configured from nothing but spare baubles and gizmos; a miniature, gilded rickshaw replaces one hoof of an antiquated wooden cow while a metal statuette substitutes its missing ear; a raging bull is mounted by some variance of Don Quixote, his face suggested by nothing more than a carved trinket case. In each assemblage, the disjointed figurines transcend their cartoonish moorings to suggest both dysfunction and intrigue associated with urbanized socio-cultural paradigms.