Digital Strata 06

67cm x 120cm
Giclée Print of Textile Pattern Generated from Software
9 available of 10 & 1AP
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Digital Strata considers the geological time in relation to personal time. Strata is the vertical history of earth. Faults, folds, weathering and erosion leave traces on geological layers. These records allow us an observation of the past and present, the distortion and gaps between them. Starting from a digital image of a geological strata, I use software to generate a textile pattern, then make an identical hand knotted tapestry. A pixel transforms as a cell of the textile pattern, then as a knot of the rug. Making a hand knotted rug from a digital image, the grid becomes the structure of the work itself. Personal time and labour weaves into the image of geological layers. An impossibly vast nature event renders at a domestic scale.

Country of Origin: United Kingdom