Doubt Foreboding

147cm x 110cm
Mixed Media

Curator's Eye

Inspired by human psychology, Yang Dae Won aesthetically investigates people’s ways of living around the world. Almost all sense of spatial depth is lost inside these uncanny and mysterious worlds, where at times the viewer can rely only on a single line or form to guide them between blocks of contrasting colour. Dongulin, the protagonist that inhabits each scene, is unfamiliar to our eye - rounded, with mask-like facial features, but human-like in its lively, animated spirit. With museum shows and a confident, consistent style, this artist is well worth investing in.

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It is a work that carefully expresses people's subtle emotions. One day, when I suddenly felt like I was in the middle of the sea, it was a work that expressed the feeling of being alone in the world.

Medium: Korean paper, glue, acrylic, soil, coffee and linseed oil on cotton

Country of Origin: South Korea