Drawing Practice Series #01-2 (The Ship from Ground Zero)

103cm x 128cm
Graphite on Paper

Curator's Eye

Coming from a highly trained sculptural background, Shan Hur’s work provides a stage of spatial trompe-l'œil that critiques the location of sculpture in the history of modern art. His work invites us to re-discover the white cube gallery space or the space that once was the artist’s studio in our own terms. The situation Shan creates through particular material presence disrupt the linear timeframe, where the layers of time embedded in the present are gradually unfolded.

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The work series directly references Shan’s fascination with cultural evolution, as his graphite renderings and concrete wall sculptures reference both a 9.7 meter ship hull, unearthed at Ground Zero’s construction site in New York, and the shoes found within, believed to belong to the passengers of the vessel. It was first shown during Hur’s solo exhibition The Door in the Wall at Gazelli Art House in 2015.

Country of Origin: UK