Fabric Drawing #88

46cm x 53cm x 3cm

Curator's Eye

Daun Jeong blurs the lines between the second and third dimensions in her work. Rejecting traditional modes of drawing and painting onto canvas, her so-called ‘fabric drawings’ utilise textiles as a painterly medium to contrast flatness and spatial depth, whilst simultaneously emphasizing the tangibility of her materials. A variety of patterned and block colour textiles are stretched to the edges of the canvas, visually conveying the tension and energy held within - lending these works a unique sense of immediacy. The artist has a strong CV of exhibitions in Korea, including museum shows and major commissions, and is now very much on the cusp of a moment of international breakout.

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Pieces of slit cloth stand for my brushstrokes.

The two dimension of drawing is extended to the three dimension through factors in my works such as translucency arising when fabric stretches and the space between the canvas frame and layered fabric. The audience is able to experience a material property’s harmony with three-dimensional space molded by the fabric’s two-dimensional surface encountering another plane.

I call my work a ‘fabric drawing’.

This work is inspired by Nature.


Medium: Fabrics, frame and acrylic on canvas

Country of Origin: South Korea