fakecake 5

52cm x 80cm

Curator's Eye

This artist’s use of ‘throwaway’ materials is typical of many South Korean artists and a characteristic of his YBA contemporaries. Within his practice Sim explores anxiety, fear, and unfulfilled desire at the base of the social structure that seems visibly stable. His current works reflect an attitude of the desire for illusion to exist in reality.

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Fake Cake Series

The gap between reality and illusion.

The boundary between Frivolity or worthlessness, and Nobility or Value.

The difference in perspective of looking at objects or phenomena.

A fake model cake looks more delicious than a real cake. It is an attitude that reflects the desire for the illusion to exist in reality.

What do you see?

Maybe you can see them as a holy Grail, a trophy, or a relic.

Maybe You can also see each of objects as a trash can, a cookie box, or a stainless-steel bowl.

You may see what you want to see.

Medium: Pigment print

No. of Editions: 5

Country of Origin: South Korea