Flexible Mark (Crack) 02

130cm x 162cm

Curator's Eye

South Korean artist Ko is interested in things that are invisible, such as the unstable atmosphere in various relationships, and expresses this in her multi-disciplinary practice; painting, photography and installation. 

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My mode of expression is shown through the process of the repetition of filling and peeling. I compress primed canvas in a wring. When the surface is rubbed, the primer- white acrylic gesso gets peeled off from the surface. Then the cloth itself which has been under the primer is revealed. By applying several coats of paint and removing them repeatedly, some part of the surface get filled and some may do so less; a lyrical abstract image made by chance appears. I, through the process, try to visualize boundaries and essence and show the process of thinking as disturbing the layers with repetition of existence and nonexistence of paint.

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Country of Origin: South Korea