flux (a thousand mountains) I

97cm x 97cm

Curator's Eye

Lee Jung Tae’s vivid works of abstraction take on a myriad of forms. Borrowing from the organic formations of the natural world, Jung Tae’s paintings can at once resemble a range of mountains, flowing water or shards of ice, depending on the viewer’s perspective. Using a beautifully reserved palette of blues and pastel hues, bursts of colour erupt from the centre of the composition like a blooming flower. With meticulous brushwork and detailed layers of shading, Jung Tae’s work adopts an almost scientific and botanical quality and makes works that would grace any house.

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Everything under the moon light looks blue, and fair. When the original color is excluded, any type of bias and prejudice are vanishing. You see only one color: blue.

I observe flux of air and time under the moon light. Wind and time go along with road. Flowers in full bloom are bursting out. Those flowers are scattering to thousands of mountains. Flowers are extending to landscape, and the landscape turns back to flowers. I paint moon light and wind, at the same time I brood over the flowers while watching the mountains. Beingness appears and disappears to the rhythm and flux of time. Time denies eternity of beingness, and changes everything in the world. Flux represents organic, and operational principles, and shows its own characteristics. When flux stops beingness decays, and do not exist anymore thru the process of deorganization. Beingness exists in the domain of time and space. Beingness is flux, and makes endless changes in connection with otherness.

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Country of Origin: United Kingdom