Forget me not

275cm x 195cm x 205cm
Corroded Brass

Curator's Eye

Multidisciplinary artist Hyewon Park is known for her largescale installations through which she experiments with various media commonly used in traditional Korean arts and crafts. Park transforms her materials into delicate yet powerful symbols that encapsulate the angst, wonder and hope within society’s attempt to perceive life through nature’s limits and boundlessness.

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Yutspracachia is an African word for "plant with a human soul," which is considered a sensitive plant because it is said to die whenever people touch it, but it is often used to describe constant love and interest.

The title of this work is a reconstruction of the size of brass name tags taken from the charnel house. The name tags usually written on date of the deceased's birth and death in the charnel house. The name tag is made of brass because it is easy to corrode but, depends on the care it was very different. The forgotten name tag corrodes and changes color as the bereaved families no longer visit. It's a work that visualizes the relationships between people beyond the life and death.

Installable in various sizes and ways.