Grandmother Exercise 3 performance

40cm x 60cm

Curator's Eye

Referencing aesthetics relating to memory and familiarity in relation to her own life, Constanza Valderrama deconstructs notions of social elitism within the art world through the use of everyday objects and low-cost materials in her practice. Taking photography as a literal and material concept, works develop through the physical conversation between multiple photographs and tangible materials, deliberately positioned to create a narrative that is unique to the work’s spontaneity and tactility.

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A landscape, corresponding to my grandmother's hometown, merges with her portrait and my own silhouette that supports it. This performance presents a sequence of photographic incarnations; the landscape in the portrait, the portrait on a tablecloth, and my silhouette embodied in the final photograph of my grandmother. A sequence of material and visual superpositions, which adds new symbolic and sensory layers to represent memory.

Medium: Archival Giclée print on a Hahnemüle Paper

No. of Editions available: 5

Country of Origin: United Kingdom