Guillemot (Rising Scottish Sea Temperatures)

77cm x 58cm
Photography, Mixed-media & Collage on 310gsm Cotton Rag Paper

Curator's Eye

Stevens’ practice explores our relationship with the natural environment on a social and cultural level.  She draws inspiration from ornithology and colour theory.  Her recent series of mixed-media work explores the effects of climate change on birds based on research that demonstrates declines in bird populations and changes to bird behaviour (migration and egg laying) due to extreme weather changes.

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This piece demonstrates the effects of warming seas in St Kilda, Scotland. The bird’s food source (fish, shrimp, etc.) will move north or deeper into the sea where it is cooler, leaving the bird with less prey to feed itself and its young.

Exhibited at StudionAme in Leicester as part of a solo exhibition to explore the effects of climate change on bird species. Working in collaboration with scientists and experts in the natural world from the British Trust of Ornithology and the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust.

Size (in light grey wooden bespoke frame): 57.9 x 76.8cm with mirror plates. Weight: 1.5kg. Artwork on paper and framed behind glass.