Holy Battle

65cm x 50cm

Curator's Eye

The rich, otherworldly universes created by Jinu Nam are an aesthetic feast for the eyes. Despite creating a celestial aura through his use of hierarchical composition and opulent splendour, Nam subverts these connotations of classical religious iconography by placing childlike cartoon figures and metamorphosed creatures at the centre of his work. Acting as a reflection on modern-day society, Nam’s canvases act as a stage on which tragicomic tales of resistance, forgiveness and personal conflicts are told. This is an artist who has a strong, coherent internal world and this is reflected with growing recognition from museums.

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Squid, novels, cartoons, opera theater, religious paintings

Medium: Oil on paper

Country of Origin: South Korea

Jill by Jaehong Ahn
2019. Oil and Acrylic on Canvas
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Jaehong Ahn


The River by Jaehong Ahn
2018. Oil on canvas, triptych format.

Jaehong Ahn

The River