Interactive mobile 0210

40cm x 80cm x 4cm
Mixed Media

Curator's Eye

Allowing the owner to become an extension of the artist and get creative themselves, Manuel Izquierdo’s distinctive interactive mobiles invite you to move and rearrange detachable pieces of each artwork. Continuously changing and with an ephemeral nature, there is an animated dialogue between each movable piece and the owner. There is clear influence from the foundations of minimalism and abstraction here, with the use of sharp lines, repeated geometric forms and limited use of block primary colours. Playful and spontaneous, yet expertly crafted, these works are perfect for anyone looking to literally interact with their collection.

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My creative work focuses on an abstract language of threedimensional
mobile geometric shapes and gives rise to being able to
combine with each other inside the support, sometimes they can also
be placed outside the support, since the mobile geometric shapes are
attached to the support by magnets. This work being threedimensional
I name interactive wall sculpture.

THE POSITIONS OF THE MOBILE: The possibility of moving parts that
make up the work, offers me the discovery of other positions. I find it
interesting that an open work can show all the possibilities of
interesting positions that I can find. I keep the record of each position
in a photo, drawings, video, etc. Thus generating a compilation of all
the positions that belong to the work. Whoever owns it can try under
their responsibility to discover new positions.

The fact that the position can be modified does not mean that it moves and changes randomly, but rather requires a prior effort of imaginative reflection on how the new position can work.