Irena Prochazkova

I rena Procházková is an award-winning painter based in Czechia who has exhibited her works nationally, in the United Kingdom, and the United States. Drawing inspiration from impressionism, post-impressionism, and expressionism, her compositions depict scenes from nature, imaginary characters, and people in everyday situations. Procházková begins her artistic process by painting her canvases black, highlighting the vibrance of her color choice in oils. She is a member of the Black Canvas International Art Community, which is founded by the painter Alexander Onishenko and she is represented by galleries in Czech Republic, Italy and Spain.

AWARDS: 2018 MERIT AWARDS from the company iJungle Graphic Design Awards 2018, in the Self-promotion category, 2019 Winner of the Art Competition „E-MOC-E 2019“, Czech Republic, 2019 THE BEST OF ARTIST 2019 for the stylistic value by the Art MUSEUM SELECTION, the RUSSO Studio di Consulenza Artistica, Art Now, Italy 2020 „PREMIO SPECIALE DELLA CRITICA“, Centro d´Arte e Cultura „LA TAVOLOZZA“, Premio Internazionale D´Arte San Crispino, Porto Sant´Elpidio, Italy.

START 2019 & 2020 EXHIBITOR.

/* I try to see the world positively, so I use a wide range of colors that you can see in my paintings */