Irene Master

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Year: 2018

Curator's Eye

Championing refraction and negative space, light plays a crucial role in Jordi Díez Fernández’ sculptures. Using stainless steel for both the sculpture and its pedestal, Fernández subverts traditional modes of exhibiting sculptural works by allowing the plinth to become part of the artwork. Focusing primarily on the human form, hundreds of intertwined strands of steel unite to create dynamic and stirring bodies in motion. A great chance to acquire contemporary sculpture by an artist who has shown internationally from San Francisco to Taiwan.


Etymologically Irene comes from the Greek "Eirene", one of the three daughters of Zeus and Themis. It personifies peace and wealth. Starting from the desire to express this idea, I have searched in what resides the vital force, the presence, of a sculpture. In other words, what is not necessary for a sculpture to be what it has to be. In the search for absolute synthesis, it is very easy to lose meaning. Irene is the expression of the indispensable, and it is precisely in this search that I found her vital impulse, centred on the absence of eyes. That wonderful find of erosion in Roman bronzes that, by eliminating the semi-precious stones with which they solved the eyeballs, opened up a huge value in themselves. The gaze without gaze, the emptiness, the unfathomable.

Medium: Stainless steel

Country of Origin: Spain

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