Jack Climbs into the Box

90cm x 120cm

Curator's Eye

Influenced by her background in graphic design, Evelyn Morgan creates novel paintings characterised by the use of bold, block colours and crisp, natural lines. The illusion of depth is created through strong outlines and overlapping plains of colour, and the juxtaposition between geometric and organic forms. Yet most notable about these canvases are the seemingly weightless, floating faces that are attended to with such animated realism and consideration, that a genuine emotive reality comes into discourse with the at times surreal aesthetic.

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This is part of a series called ‘Jack in The Box’, which is about a period in my life when I had to put my creativity away when working in the corporate world for 6 years, in other words, I had to put the Jack in the box.  But like all Jack in the boxes, they come bursting out, in other words creativity cannot be contained.

This is the first in the series, ‘Jack Climbs into the Box’ which metaphorically means me putting the creativity away, back in its box.  I wanted shapes and movement to represent moving or jumping into something.

Medium: Acrylic, oil and cotton on canvas

Country of Origin: United Kingdom