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Jakub Tajovsky

Jakub Tajovský explores the painting media as a tool of "the creative technology". Thanks to its historical tradition, painting includes many proven methods for construction and composition of an image. Jakub is looking for contrasting connections such as hi-tech vision and DIY expression or digital visualization and signs of physical materiality. In the experimental figures, he combines the historical receptures and methods of painting with the contemporary approach to material design or visual technologies.

Simultaneously with his painting practice Tajovský is developing the design of painting technology. In his painterly technology "material intelligence"- the inherent responsibility of matter works as a crucial entity contributing to the pictorial imagination provoked by the painted image. The main actor of the resulting painting becomes tools, materials and methods, which instead of the touch of brush and the human hand represent, for eg. physical processes or material manifestations considered a mistake in conservative practices. The painting object itself then acts as a platform for synthesis of visions between humans and the other creative entities.

“My paintings and installations develop the illusory nature of painting - the overlapping of physical and virtual identity. They present themselves as objects of transpersonal fiction. Through the redesign of painting technology, I create space in my paintings for actors whose subjectivity is usually suppressed at the expense of the author's vision.

For example, by replacing gestures implying the human body (such as brushstrokes) with those that reflect geomechanical principles, change with the environment, or imply the logic of artificial intelligence in the broadest sense. As a result of critical reflection on materials and specialization, I propose a reassessment of the logic of creative imagination, i.e. the perception of the author's role as a creator. Instead, I try to take the position of one of the moderators of the nature-human-culture correlation”.

/* My paintings and installations develop the illusory nature of painting - the overlapping of physical and virtual identity */

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