J'attends (I am waiting) 2013

40cm x 44cm

Curator's Eye

Heekyung Chung creates mysterious and illusive prints that investigate the infinite aesthetic power of light. Seamlessly blending swathes of darkness with heavenly eruptions of light, there is an ever-present play between between shadow, luminosity and spatial depth. At times, Chung’s works are brilliantly simple, allowing the play of light to engage the viewer with ambiguous narratives. Other works take on a more surreal quality, where transparent glassware and protruding cloud formations further demonstrate Chung’s exceptional ability to depict the lucidity of natural light. Editions such as Chung's work are an excellent introduction to collecting, and it is reassuring to see such experienced handling of this medium.

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The beginning of the work is expressed in light and a sense of space in the dark. I wanted to express the waiting for hope.

Paper overall size 44 x 39.5cm

Image size 20 x 20cm