Kristina Ludvigson

About Kristina

Kristina Ludvigson is a visual artist who views their practice as centred around drawing, painting and photography. The main themes in Ludvigson’s work are materiality and the sublime. She came to London in 2019 to study at the BA Fine Art & History of Art programme at Goldsmiths University where she has just graduated. Before coming to the UK Ludvigson studied painting at the Domen art school for a couple of years in Gothenburg, Sweden, her hometown. Prior to pursuing an art career she was working as a 3D design engineer within the automotive industry for several years and Ludvigson lived in Shanghai for a year, designing carpets and home furnishing products. In 2022, she organized a photography group exhibition called “Horizons”at the Art Hub gallery in London. In Sweden, Ludvigson’s work has been shown at Kulturnatt iI Kvarnbyn and has been commissioned to create works for the public water treatment company Gryaab in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Ludvigson’s practice revolves around the materiality of nature and the role of the observer. She is interested in patterns, rhythms and flows in the material world and to imagine how things and life occur and dissolves in it. Inspiration is drawn from both old and new observations, ideas, or speculations of the physical world, such as from the pre-Socratic Greek natural philosophers. Ludvigson views the world and our links and entanglements within it through these from a micro- and macro-perspective.Her drawings and paintings portray a personal imagined close-up functioning and messy flow of nature while the used equipment allows users to discover the world as different.

Kristina Ludvigson's work