Languid Leopard

75cm x 100cm

Curator's Eye

Immediately evident in these arresting photographs is Marie Jordan’s ability to expertly capture the play of light. Part of the series presented here are beguiling works shot on location in Kolmanskop, an abandoned town in the arid Namib Desert. Otherworldly and ethereal, celestial beams of light erupt from hidden corners, poignantly casting dramatic swathes of shadow against the faded ruins of Namibia’s dark colonial history.

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Out on a safari, the first thing I said to the guide was, I would like to see a leopard up a tree. So you can imagine my delight when we saw this leopard. Her two cubs were close by but deep in long grass. We managed to get quite close and you can see the Leopard was very relaxed.

Medium: Black and White Photograph

Edition of 20

Framed: $ 2,300    

Unframed: $ 1,300