33cm x 24cm x 4cm

Curator's Eye

There are a range of art historical influences permeating Lee, Sangyeob’s intruiging practice. Basing several works off the theories of Le Corbusier, an appreciation for architectural and mathematical precision is immediately evident. Furthermore, a Mondrianesque take on geometric forms and the use of singular block colours gives Lee’s work striking presence. Yet there is a sense of deadpan humour and irony within placing momentous concepts such as life, love and money within attractive colourful frames, making these works both a decorative and significant addition to any domestic collection.

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Life Series

 If Love and MONEY are tangible values, Life is an intangible value. We live by choosing love and money in our lives. Love, Life, and MONEY represent contemporaries. I think it is a minimum word and an implied word.

Country of Origin: Korea

Framed: $ 680

Unframed: $ 660