Lights of happiness

125cm x 155cm x 5cm
Mixed Media and Copper Powders on Canvas

Curator's Eye

A textural tangibility is immediately evident in Pedro Sousa Louro’s work. Earthy and material-focused, an unassuming beauty is found within the play between dark woods and a muddied palette. Furthermore, geometry plays a crucial role here, as clean white lines converse with blocks of muted colour. There is an almost archival, collage-like approach to the application of materials and hues, and it is as if Sousa Louro has assumed the role of archeologist, unearthing layers of forgotten history. Educated at Chelsea College of Arts, Sousa Louro is one of the most talked-about LGBTQ artists at the moment.

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First work with a new technique using copper powders, making new textures. Geometry and colours.

Style: Abstract Cubist Concept

Country of Origin: UK