Liminal Ecosystems (Unit 1)

35cm x 90cm x 23cm
Acrylic Paint on MDF

Curator's Eye

The contrast between strict, mathematical precision and a joyful palette of bold block colours gives Emily Thomas’ sculptures a unique aesthetic identity. Using her work to explore the importance of architecture and its impact on societies, Thomas’ geometric, structural formations are deeply rooted in their sense of spatiality.

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This series was inspired by the architecture in two contrasting areas of London: Peckham and Holborn.

Unit 1 represents architecture in Peckham. The buildings there are colourful and full of character, representative of its creative and multicultural surroundings. There are also examples of affordable housing and brutalist architecture. Many abandoned areas have been taken over and developed into exciting active spaces, such as the old multi-storey car park that is now known as the Bussey Building Rooftop Bar and Cinema Club.


Country of Origin: United Kingdom