Meet the moment

40cm x 40cm

Curator's Eye

Jeon Heekyoung’s bold abstract canvases investigate the concept of utopia, through its notions of idealism and escapism - and its ultimate unattainability. Furthermore, they seek to highlight both the tension and harmony between Heekyoung’s internal and external states of being. Stylistically, Heekyoung uses the intense natural beauty of traditional Korean landscapes as a foundation for exploring her own notion of utopian paradise. Vast, gestural brushstrokes break out into the foreground, coming to signify the tip of a mountain, the curve of a stream - all working together to bring the unattainable within reach. She is a solidly established artist with works in numerous museum collections and has a strong proven track record.

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I wanted to draw the most beautiful and perfect moment. Sourced from nature, he painted a landscape in perfect harmony with all invisible elements such as the weight of air, the stickiness of humidity, the strength of the wind, and the flow of energy.

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Country of Origin: South Korea