Mumu Eye

152cm x 204cm

Curator's Eye

Separating herself from recent cliches around contemporary African art, Kiitan Etti’s pushes a strong aesthetic identity through her unwaveringly unique practice. Elaborate yet entertaining comic-like narratives unfold like a production of which Etti is the director. Exploring the lived experience of African women through themes of consumerism, relationships and Nigerian socio-political discourse, Etti offers snapshots into the daily lives of women from Lagos to London. Aligning herself with the Afro-futurism movement, vibrant, saturated colours are offset by exaggerated bold outlines to create an enticing and approachable aesthetic, making these vitally important themes accessible to all.

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The Jealousy series centres around a taboo love triangle between two best friends and a handsome rich eligible man. Loveth is a beautiful woman who works as a cashier in PH city, she is humble and slightly naïve. Money is a tall sexy man, gentle and caring but with an ego as high as the mountains. He is known in the city for his career accomplishments and comes from a wealthy family. Loveth lives with her best friend Abiola, a sexy go getter, she’s rough around the edges and ready to do anything to secure the bag (cash). Abiola will stop at nothing to make Moni her man! Poor loveth knows nothing of this treachery and trusts Abiola with all her secrets.

  • Will Abiola get away with such wickedness!?
  • Is Money so weak and gullible, can you even trust a MAN!?
  • will Loveth buckle up and protect her future?

Watch out for Betrayal, love, drama, scandal and tears in JEALOUSY

Medium: Digital painting on paper.

Edition: 2

Country of Origin: United Kingdom