Noise I

8cm x 28cm

Curator's Eye

With incredible attention to detail and intricate sculptural forms repeated by the hundreds, Andreea Ionascu’s contemplative works are the epitome of masterful, considered craft. As objects devoid of time, and often almost entirely white, the viewer is forced to consider the materiality – or lack thereof - at hand, and meditate on the expansiveness of these works that incorporate the space around them more than any traditional notion of form and colour.

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The work is an exercise into the miniaturization of previous projects, in keeping with the abstraction of landscapes and limits of drawing within a confined space (previously imposed set dimensions of the work- A5 height paper). I have challenged myself to copy and repeat the same patterns in ink to better understand the challenges of creating artificial environments within grid like structures, which I use as a means of understanding or form of language for the world I try to create.

Unframed - Framing available upon request.

Medium: Print on card from ink on paper

Country of Origin: United Kingdom