Observer II

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Year: 2022
Dimensions: 105cm x 290cm x 5cm


Print of a pinhole photograph taken in large pinhole camera that I made myself and was mirrored vertically in a dark room.

Medium: Digitally knitted wool and cotton fabric, MDF board, wadding

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Curator's Eye

Kristina Ludvigson works with a sensitivity and respect of nature that highlights a sense of both calmness and unruliness within the natural world. Ludvigsons range enables her to navigate through deep questions of the physical and metaphorical boundaries of our own experiences and memories, creating an insightful pause and moment of reflection. The merging of literal images of trees and woodland scenes tainted by the darkness of thwarted abstractions of organic shapes and emphasis on shadows furthers this sense of an uncanny nod to nostalgia. With her material choices of digital knit, metal work and drawing, Ludvigson projects her personal connection to the forests depicted and care for materiality, form, and stillness.

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Kristina Ludvigson

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Now: $1,000.00
Year: 2022
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Medium: Print
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