Painting #1906 - Lagoons in wonderland

96cm x 80cm x 2cm
Acrylic & Ink on Canvas

Curator's Eye

Yoon Joo creates delightful works of abstraction that are inhabited by a radiant intensity, accentuated through the layering and accumulation of vivid hues. Although at times choosing to paint on canvas, Joo’s practice is often concerned with how paint takes on a different aesthetic and sense of tactility when applied to fabrics. With this is mind, Joo takes to painting directly onto everyday materials, including found clothes and used bedsheets – ultimately connecting a fine art practice with the social fabric of the everyday. Yoon Joo is an established artist who has been exhibiting solidly over the last 30 years - this is a great opportunity to acquire his work.

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I splattered ink on canvas then after it is dried, pour the mixture of acrylic colours and gel medium or make some brushstrokes on it. Then it reproduces some unexpected colour marks, dots, and different flows of the colours on canvas. I enjoy this kind of spontaneity or extemporaneousness.

Country of Origin: South Korea

Style: abstract painting