Pinocchio in my mind21-2

34cm x 75cm x 33cm

Curator's Eye

Concerned with themes of greed, selfishness and deceit within human nature, each of Kim Bongsoo’s sculptures feature a Pinocchio-like character as the protagonist. They represent Bongsoo’s personal artistic journey, examining how his previous work did not stay true to himself. There is often a stark contrast between materials; rustic, unrefined bronze suited bodies are incongruous alongside the polished, gleaming stainless-steel heads. The only isolated facial feature is the elongated nose, so commonly associated with lies and deceit; the lack of emotion in these figures only emphasizes this. These sculptures would be the standout piece of many collections and the work has been exhibited widely across Asia, Europe, Australia and the USA.

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This work expresses the figure of a modern person and a fairy tale character together to show the innocence that lies in the image of a modern person who lies for their own desire.

Style: Bronze

Country of Origin: Republic of Korea