110cm x 90cm

Curator's Eye

Hyojin Park uses the subject of flowers to explore the sublimity of life and death. Although beautiful, these works are at times intentionally grotesque, as bouquets of flowers sag under the sickly weight of thick, dripping liquid. Almost ironic in their traditional composition, the flowers in Park’s work come to represent the transience of life, and the excesses of paradisiacal desire.

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"Beyond the elegance of the silent pure white porcelain and the sculptures portraying the finest angle of extreme beauty, those impressive flowers do not forget beauty nor wither, they are able to show the paradise contained within themselves even without exuding a scent. The thirst of the heartless youth is for the forgotten paradise. We already know that our desires can never be attained, and so our thirst for the failed paradise does not reduce. Redder than warm blood, brighter than gold, the glamorous colours of the flowers pitifully exudes sadness. Through the paint the perfect reality of the sculptures meets the unattainable paradise. Combined with the most beautiful form it has become a beautiful yet grotesque monster".

Doubt by Yang Dae-Won. 2008. Korean paper, glue, acrylic, soil, coffee and linseed oil on cotton.

Yang Dae-Won


LIM Jiye_Blossom_2020_Drawing, Silk & Cotton Thread on Canvas

LIM Jiye