Product - Universe

85cm x 85cm
Mixed Media

Curator's Eye

Chul Hwan Kim’s works portray the analogies he draws from the relationship between humans and our body parts, explored through using found objects and tools. With this unconventional media, he aims to normalise, if not also beautify the human form in its totality - even dandruff is used as a medium to represent a celestial night sky. In other works, Kim investigates the concept of human communication through the exploration of language, its barriers and possibilities.

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While working on series of "Product", it reminded me of my childhood experience: I used to scratch my head so I could see the dandruff on the desk. Because of its various sizes, it reminded me of stars in space. Like these dandruff, we are also very tiny, if we see ourselves from above.

Medium: Dandruff, Glass, Coating film