Season of Being I, II, III, IV (Complete Series)

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Year: 2019
Dimensions: 841cm x 150cm x cm


Season of Being I : 150 x 228 cm

Season of Being II : 150 x 150 cm

Season of Being III : 150 x 254 cm

Season of Being IV : 150 x 209 cm

This is the bigger size of two available sizes for this work. The bigger sized works are sold only as a complete series.

The “Season of Being” series started with an inquiry into the meaning of being human and about life's common experiences that connect humanity together beyond all external differences in appearances, conditions, and situations of life. The fundamental human emotions such as joy, anger, sorrow, and pleasure are universal experiences shared by humanity and simultaneously enable people to relate to others. The series incorporates four seasons as a metaphor for the fundamental states of being, embodied by twelve "goddesses‟ with diverse skin colors and global body types. SPrint depicts hope and happiness, summer expresses passion and pleasure, autumn signifies anger and conflict, and winter represents sadness and grief. Just as one season ripens and inevitably changes into the next season, a person's condition and circumstance changes into another state in a continuous and endless cycle of life. Each figure portrays an actual human body shape and color but with a dissonant sculpture head. The hybrid figure of human and sculpture in my work implies numerous symbolisms such as the symbiotic relationship between individual vs. society, nature vs. culture, and present vs. past.

The process of creating the images includes both analog and digital photography where bodies of multi-racial and multi-ethnic women of today are photographed and then digitally combined with photographed heads of classical European sculptures. The illusory sculptural effect of the hybrid figures is attained through a painstakingly meticulous and laborious digital rendering process where the entire skin surface of each figure is digitally touched up pixel by pixel in a painterly fashion to create their marble-like skin texture.

Medium: Inkjet print

Country of Origin: United States

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