Second Chance (2020)

60cm x 90cm

Curator's Eye

ABYSS explores the divine relationship between humans and nature in her work. The conceptual framework present in this series of paintings explores the idea that nature – particularly the sea – can act as a divine gateway into the spiritual world. Swathes of infinite blues coupled with a unique sense of weightlessness encourages the viewer to access the celestial properties within ABYSS’s creations.

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This piece of art was inspired by an out-of-body experience I had during a meditation session. A human being is construed by a bod, a mind and a spirit/soul. These are the parts / levels of one's existence. Despite the fact that all parts of a human's existence are different in nature as Descartes acknowledged, they are holy. The decay of the body does not imply the destruction of one's soul. Nevertheless, should one allow/reinforce the defilement and desecration of their body, they will be faced with spiritual implications. The woman depicted has in fact reinforced the defilement of her body. As her body lies on the grass, her soul escapes in the form of a rose-shaped beam of light. Due to the defilement of her body that is now cracked open, dark spirits threaten to steal her soul. Considering that all these occur under the supervision of the one...the one true light, what she is asking for is a second chance. She requests one more life in order to resolve the karma she has created and to reconcile with the creator.