Secret Garden

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Year: 2020


Artificial garden, care for nature and ecology. The sculptor creates a kind of artificial garden in the exhibition space. Trees, insects such as ants and beetles and reptiles like snakes are organically in good harmony. Tree could be the center of these sculptures, with its huge scale and the symbolic meaning of myths and magic, it has been one of the artist's main materials. As we are aware, tree is a typical symbol of nature and it symbolizes production and life due to its fruits. World-tree symbolizes origin of existence and tree emblematizes phallus to Freud. Because of these meanings of tree, trees have been transformed to various types in his recent works such as iron tree, structural works in the form of tree borrowed from the format of a kind of the similar excavation project and the Sound-Tree exhibited in the 2007 World Ceramics Biennale.

Country of Origin: South Korea.

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