Seungwon Jung

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S Seungwon Jung (b.1992, Seoul) is an artist based in London. After receiving her BFA from Chung-Ang University, South Korea in Fine Art Photography, she relocated to London where she achieved an MFA in Fine Art Media from the UCL Slade School of Fine Art. She is the recipient of several awards including The Photographers’ Gallery New Talent Award and Wells Art Contemporary Awards. She was an artist in residence at the UCL Art Museum in 2018.

Seungwon Jung is interested in how our perception situates time in relation to space. Weaving and printing fragmented photographic images onto fabric, she uses this as a surface upon which to work into, apply onto and remove from. Starting with a complete length of fabric, she then submits this to a series of repeated gestures of erasure and reconfiguration, including de-threading, unpicking, rethreading, and reconfiguring. As a result, images are transformed by deconstruction more often than by application. Jung’s making process helps to expand her perception and extend the way of seeing by punctuating daily life with repetitive and meditative movements. Taking months to produce, at a rate of perhaps two or three inches a day, this painstaking mode of production reflects her enduring interest of the passing of time – recasting the understanding of time and exploring complex relationships between human existence and the vastness of space/time.

Selected Exhibitions: MoPS Talent Portfolio, Museum of Photography, Seoul, South Korea (2021); Digital Strata, The London Arts Board, United Kingdom (2020); TPG New Talent, The Photographers’ Gallery, London, United Kingdom (2019); Secrets on the Way, Sluice HQ, London, United Kingdom (2019); Redress, UCL Art Museum, London, United Kingdom (2018).

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/* images are transformed by deconstruction more often than by application */