Sleeping Dive

90cm x 90cm

Curator's Eye

Surreal, androgynous robot-divers inhabit dystopian nautical landscapes in Ano Conte’s work. Coming from an architectural background, it is evident that Conte uses geometry as an important tool with which to initiate and realise his concepts. Placing figures within a frame of a vanishing point seeks to emphasise the compositional depth of his works, whilst the contrast between the organic lines of the figures and the harsh, defined lines of the surrounding structures allows the ‘humanoids’ to appear more life-like and emotive. These striking works, filled with symbolism but easy to approach, would work well in any collection.

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Inspiration behind the piece:

Sleep (closed eyes) - Experience of life and death recurring every day of life / Floating – Anti-gravity / Glasses-visible and invisible, frailty of aging / Cigarette-addiction, last compassion / red fingernail - remaining libido, expression irrelevant to will.